A recent trip to La Feria in Sevilla, Spain

I recently visited Spain, Seville to be exact for their annual Feria. Here's the scoop:

In the spring in the city of Seville in southern Spain, a week-long celebration takes place that draws over one million people a year. The event is called “La Feria de Sevilla” or “La Feria de Abril” literally meaning the Seville’s Fair or April Fair, and begun in 1847 as a cattle trading fair. Over the years Seville’s April Fair has become an internationally known celebration of Flamenco, and fun.  SSeville is considered to be the cultural epicenter of flamenco culture and music. Many of the flamenco’s most famous artists, songs and composers are from the city.

Established near te Guadalquivir River a temporary “tent city” is born on a rectangular piece of land. The makeshift“tents” or as they are known in Spanish casetas” divide the land into different dance halls and private areas that are filled each evening with dancing and life lasting from 9 in the evening until 6 or 7 in the morning. The women are known to dress in their most spectacular gowns, usually brightly colored flamenco dresses inspired by Gypsy fashion. 

Attending the feria was a dream fulfilled. I got to dress like the real gypsy that I am and experience all the wonderful sites and people of the feria.

Back in the studio...

Hey fans and friends, happy fall! The cold weather and shorter days are finally here; it's always a great time for creating new material and finding new inspiration. I recently went on a hiking trip and was inspired by the people I met and the tranquility of nature. Restoration is key for all artists and being in nature was much needed after a hectic summer. I will be posting new music soon! Be well and stay in touch. 

Performing on Legends TV Oct.8 2016 11 am - with Diego Porchile

     The fall has been a time of growth and new developments in my career. I was recently a guest speaker at SUNY Binghamton where I obtained my degree in Theater. It was an honor to speak to the students of the Theater Department and EOP program. Funny how when you start talking about your life and accomplishments you never really take the time out to appreciate how far you've come. I made new friends, revisited my campus college and feel ready to tackle my goals this fall. It was a huge honor, one I will never forget!

     October has been full steam ahead working with new musicians and arrangers. Did anyone ever say being an artist was easy or cheap, LOL. I'm looking for venues to perform in and around New York, so if you know of any please let me know. Staying on course is never easy but I am happy to be working on my craft and being supported by you, my friends and fans.



Mara Sanchez - Guest Speaker @ SUNY Binghamton Theater & Alumni Homecoming

This past weekend I had the great honor of being a guest speaker at SUNY Binghamton's Homecoming 2016. As I walked around campus and gazed at all the new buildings, I was struck by how much the University has grown. Walking through the Theater department brought back many memories of performing, learning and all else one goes through as an artist. And now here I was years later speaking to students about my life as an Artist. At one point I was in one of the new theaters and a grand piano beckoned to me and I gave a mini impromptu concert. I was pushing myself to risk and put it out there!  It was thrilling to hear myself center stage playing and singing one of my songs. I have found that one  can quickly begin to diminish ones accomplishments if we start comparing ourselves to A-Lister's. But this I can say, I know I have the lives of many though my talks and sharing of my artistry. And while I may not currently be in the spotlight, I am still here and making my way back to a new level of creating art. I have not, and will never give up, I was just away for a little bit.

Thanks to all the Directors at EOP especially Dr. Calvin Gantt and his staff, Theater Chairman Barbara Wolfe and her staff, and Julia M. Lucia, my press agent for making this such a memorable return to my beloved SUNY Binghamton.