A recent trip to La Feria in Sevilla, Spain

I recently visited Spain, Seville to be exact for their annual Feria. Here's the scoop:

In the spring in the city of Seville in southern Spain, a week-long celebration takes place that draws over one million people a year. The event is called “La Feria de Sevilla” or “La Feria de Abril” literally meaning the Seville’s Fair or April Fair, and begun in 1847 as a cattle trading fair. Over the years Seville’s April Fair has become an internationally known celebration of Flamenco, and fun.  SSeville is considered to be the cultural epicenter of flamenco culture and music. Many of the flamenco’s most famous artists, songs and composers are from the city.

Established near te Guadalquivir River a temporary “tent city” is born on a rectangular piece of land. The makeshift“tents” or as they are known in Spanish casetas” divide the land into different dance halls and private areas that are filled each evening with dancing and life lasting from 9 in the evening until 6 or 7 in the morning. The women are known to dress in their most spectacular gowns, usually brightly colored flamenco dresses inspired by Gypsy fashion. 

Attending the feria was a dream fulfilled. I got to dress like the real gypsy that I am and experience all the wonderful sites and people of the feria.

mara sanchez

New York City

Mara Sanchez is a native New Yorker, Singer-Songwriter who performs in the U.S. and internationally withe her band Urban Skies. She also appears in Television, Film and Theater and commercials. She looks forward to hearing from you and performing in your city.